Rebirth Astrology: A Cosmic Convergence – Lisa C. Adams

Timing can be everything.

As it happens, Interfusion Festival is super-fueled by perfect timing; a cosmic convergence of event planning, schedules, and powerful planetary alignments.

Without too much technical astrology details, it’s a rare event when all major planets in the solar system are Direct – meaning moving forward. Add to that, a powerful Full Super Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, and you have all the makings for true MAGIC!

When all planets are direct motion, we have a universal “green light” to further our plans and goals, make headway on projects, and act quickly on inspiration. Events and situations occurring during this time will be fast-moving. This energy is incredibly supportive of making changes.

Full Solar Eclipse

Full Moons are times when energy is at its peak. This Full Moon is particularly potent as it occurs very close to Earth, creating a more profound energetic impact. There will also be a Lunar Eclipse in Leo – linking up the energy with the Full Solar Eclipse that took place here in the U.S. in August, 2017. This Lunar Eclipse wraps up the story from the Solar Eclipse about how we want – how were are born – to thrive and shine in the world. Leo Eclipses help us uncover latent creativity.

Furthermore, this Lunar Eclipse takes place at 0 degrees of Leo, marking powerful new beginnings!

Shine your light

There couldn’t be a better time to set intentions for your life, to share your passion, and to stop playing small. We did not come to this Earthly plane to hide. We came here to S H I N E.

What this means for all of us is that there could not be more perfect timing – SYNCHRODESTINY – to begin a new chapter, to shine brighter than ever before, to uncover more creativity within, and to step more fully into leadership – the kind of leadership that inspires and empowers those around you.

Bear all this in mind this weekend at Interfusion Festival as we dance, move, play and create conscious community in the most perfect space and time possible.

~Lisa C. Adams

About the Author 

Lisa Adams has been a Holistic Health professional for over 25 years, majored in Religion & Women’s Studies, and is an ordained minister. Since 1999, she has facilitated countless rituals and workshops. Lisa fiercely believes that Sacred Ceremony is a key to healing and transformation in communities, and throughout the world. She is the force behind Goddess Powered and co-creatrix of Invoking Shakti – a project that empowers and inspires women to create change and healing in the world.