On the final night of our conscious gathering a Super Lunar Eclipse will occur.

The eclipse will come to life in its entirety over the course of the night, when the Earth’s shadow begins to move over the Moon’s surface. At our Interfusion Festival grounds, the eclipse will begin during our community’s evening gathering and end with the last dances of the night.

It is a moment to manifest your Rebirth, a new beginning, leaving behind what no longer serves you, and reemerge reborn into your magnificent authentic self.

You are worthy of having the kinds of connections you desire and deserve, of receiving and practicing loving-kindness, of acceptance and uninhibited creativity. Honor your authentic life and not that which others expect of you. The more self-respect and self-love you cultivate now, the more you will be liberated from the negative energies in life that don’t offer you the same.

A lunar eclipse can connect us to our natural intuition, opening us more to be clear on who we truly are, and allow a great shift in consciousness towards shining our highest light.

Visualize the next stage in living your most authentic life. Allow your presence to embrace the new paradigms of your own creation. Embrace the organic expansion that is unfolding and being revealed, in all layers with greater depth, and become the manifestation of your highest potential and purpose.

“To evolve is to take a journey of exploration, and continuing the expansion of what was uncovered, unveiled, and awakened during one’s rebirth. It is a deepening, a period of intentional incubation. A path to greater awareness, wisdom, illumination and self-mastery – which ultimately is where the path can lead us. To being fully-realized and whole.” ~Sun Park

Evolution Begins.