Reflections on History & Gratitude this Thanksgiving, and beyond.

American Thanksgiving provokes reflections about the history of these lands, and the violent truths that lay at the foundation of this country and this holiday.

Awareness of the facts are important. And we remember the countless indigenous peoples who paid the ultimate price for the privileges we enjoy today.

Yes, the roots of Thanksgiving are indeed that of genocide and colonization. That is an important acknowledgement. At interfusion, we stand in solidarity with our indigenous brothers and sisters in the battle against oppression.

That being said, what is true in this moment is also the importance of acknowledging the powerful medicine that is gratitude. Gratitude is a medicine of the heart, while grief is one of it’s shadows.

The acknowledgement of history, and the intention of giving thanks for the things that bless us, are both things that are worth making space for. Honoring both of these truths do not need to be mutually exclusive.

Now, if you have the privilege of being with your family this season, don’t let it just be about the food, obligatory conversations, and tempering your triggers.

Make an earnest intention to connect with the healing power of gratitude.

Make it an aim to connect from the heart. Look for opportunities to create bridges in understanding, to practice compassion, patience, and love.

Integrate the great lessons you have been learning over this past year. Step into your evolved-self with appreciation, for all that you have lived through. Because the struggles you have been facing privately in the intimate quarters of your heart, have been growing you.

And you’re stronger now than ever, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Looking forward beyond this week, understand that your soul is going through a transmutation of direction.

You have been deepening into the wisdom that you are here to offer. You have been collecting more context and experience, to help you discern the exact areas of service you came here to contribute to.

You came here, to be of service.

Don’t forget, your path is defined by the steps you take. Not by what someone walked before you.

Take inspiration and wisdom from the saints and sages that surround us with their guidance and love. Don’t forget to ask for help.

You are on your way. And your soul is beaming at the invitation to create new life, within the one you already have.

Make space for the one you are becoming to shine through. Allocate time, attention, focus, appreciation and gratitude toward the gifts you have been given.

And cultivate the crap out of them. (lol)

The world needs your service. Your leadership. Your power. Your gifts.

Get ready. 2021 is about to ascend us.

You’ve got one month to ground yourself to launch into this next chapter.

Use your time wisely.

In Gratitude.

Phoenix | Sun Park