Resources 2 Abolish Racism

This resource guide is intended to assist our beloved community in taking inspired action, initiating Conscious Conversations and further shaping an informed plan for supporting the Movement for Black Lives.

At the core of Interfusion lives a deep call to cultivate a global tribe of multicultural visionaries under the shared values of Universal Love, Humility, Non-rivalry, Non-judgment, Caring, Courage and Curiosity. We are each creatives, holding a great responsibility to ourselves and future generations to elevate our collective consciousness, while also honoring our individual wellbeing.

During this time of great transformation and awakening, emotions are high, all consuming feelings real, old wounds reopened and the traumas of our ancestors remembered. Let us be kind to ourselves and others, soften our self judgment, and take time to process emotions and release them in a healthy way.

What we feel, we can heal; it’s what we do as creatives, artists, humanitarians, and visionaries. We feel. We emote. We empathize. We long to understand the human condition.

In a sea of uncertainty, and perhaps a feeling of being “bombarded with lists,” we recognize that there is no ultimate one-size-fits-all manual to do this heart-work. Yet we know that it’s just outside our comfort zones where we begin to grow. As we seek to further educate ourselves and our communities and explore practical ways of making anti-racism a more central part of our lives, may we find the courage to turn inward and sit with the discomfort found there.

Unpacking our identities and systemic oppression is a deeply personal journey. Abolishing racism requires a plan rooted in our unique identities, experiences, influence, resources, strengths, opportunities for growth, and places of privilege and power (or the lack thereof).

Consider the resources below “raw ingredients” for developing your personal recipe to F.E.E.D. the MOVEMENT to end police brutality and racial inequality. May the Liberation Process continue as we  nourish radical reconciliation, inclusivity, solidarity, and long-term vision for a just society.

This guide is not all-inclusive, but rather a starting place, a landing space as we each step up and into this marathon toward equality— this is not a race. Remember micromovements can lead to massive shifts.



Ingredients to F.E.E.D. the Movement

[FOSTERselfcare + EDUCATEyoSelf + ENCOURAGEchange&reform + DONATEtime$skils]


Move the Body | Nourish the Body | Prioritize Mental Health


Prioritize learning (and unlearning) | Toolkits + Resource Guides | “Organizing our Own.”| For Parents, Teachers, and Educators | Articles | Books | Podcasts | Things to Watch | Speeches


VOTE | Take Action | Get involved in policy reform and local politics | Bail Funds 


Black + Grassroots Organizations | Black Women-led Organizations | Black Owned Businesses


Self Care is revolutionary. Follow your curiosity, your passions, your bliss. Lean into your discomfort and trust your ability to heal. Be a beacon of light. Be still. Listen to your intuition. A great place to find inspiration to nourish your mind-body-soul is Irresistible’s list of Healing Justice Resources for BIPOC organizers and allies.

Guiding question(s): 

  • What is my plan for maintaining my own wellbeing and energy “to do the work?”
  • How can I nurture others on the front lines of this work?
  • How can we address intergenerational trauma and collective healing? 
  • How am I processing my experiences?
  • What is my emotional reaction? Notice how it manifests in your body. 

Move the Body 

Nourish the Body 

Prioritize Mental Health 


Prioritize learning (and unlearning), and start conversations in your communities. Two great places to begin for providing a shared foundation for conversation: People, Politics & Reweaving the Social Fabric Guidebook from The People’s Supper, and Conscious Conversations from Interfusion. Consider starting or joining a book, movie, article, or podcast club featuring black creators.

Guiding question(s):

  • When was I taught about race/culture, and what do I want to learn more about?
  • Whose voices am I learning from and amplifying in this process? 
  • Who do I want to have conversations with, and how will I progress them?
  • How can I be actively anti-racist instead of simply “not racist”?
  • How can I support or organize healing justice events and intentional spiritual spaces?

Toolkits + Resource Guides

“Organizing Our Own”

For Parents, Teachers, and Educators




  • Assata (Shakur), An Autobiography ~ Assata Shakur
  • Becoming ~ Michelle Obama
  • Between the World and Me ~ Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • How to be an Antiracist ~ Ibram X. Kendi
  • Stamped from the Beginning ~ Ibram X. Kendi
  • The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution ~ Micah White
  • The New Human Rights Movement: Reinventing the Economy to end Oppression ~ Peter Joseph 
  • They Came Before Columbus ~ Ivan Van Sertima
  • White Fragility ~ Robin DiAngelo
  • Why I No Longer Talk to White People About Race ~ Reni Eddo-Lodge

Public/Independent Media + Podcasts

Things to Watch / Independent Media



Maintain a questioning frame of mind. Take a breath before responding and reacting, and ask yourself: Am I being a beacon of light and love or am I spewing darkness and hate? Be kind to yourself, and be kind to others who don’t agree with you.

Guiding question(s):

  • How can I identify windows of opportunity to take action toward anti-racism?
  • How can I inspire my family/community to understand the importance of voting for local officials? 
  • What institutions/organizations/local platforms am I connected to, and how can I promote change from within?
  • What are my local politicians’ policies, and how can I advocate for reform?


Take Action: follow the lead of Black activists, organizations, and communities

  • Resources Database: Black Lives Matter Initiatives + More
  • Make a formal statement on behalf of your organization clearly indicating its stance and actionable items/plan for the future
  • When Black folks document accounts of racism posted on social media, share it
  • If you are unable to take to the streets, there are many ways to support, nourish and sustain frontline defenders. A few actions to get your creative juices flowing:
    • Check in on your BIPOC friends, family, and colleagues
    • Offer to be an emergency contact for people attending marches/rallies
    • Attend strategy calls | offer to help create a safety plan
    • Send a meal or monetary donation to your marching friends paypal/venmo
    • Offer to babysit for frontlines defenders 
    • Attend or host a “know your rights” training
    • Maintain an open and questioning frame of mind
    • Stop supporting organizations/businesses that promote hate or fund white supremacy

Get involved in policy reform + local politics

Bail Funds 


Research and support organizations working on the frontlines of social justice. Invest in Black businesses, creatives and content creators.

Guiding question(s):

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What resources do I have to contribute? 
  • What organizations could really use my help right now?
  • What are creative solutions I can dream of? What new opportunities are available?
  • What new responsibilities confront creative activists?

Black + Grassroots Organizations

Black Women-led Organizations

Buy from Black Businesses

Thank you Marc Brewer and others for the thoughtful contributions to this list.  This is a live document that may be added to over time by the community.


~Chivonnie Gius & Lindsay Jean Bigda