Sediments & Storms

We are living in an era of uncertainty. The foundation of normalcy as we have known it has been shaken and stirred. Just like the sediments at the bottom of an ocean or lake becomes disrupted during a storm.

Right now we are all inside of the same storm – swirling in different parts of it. Simultaneously, we are facing our own private storms within ourselves as well. Many of them tearing up the ground in places that are not readily visible to others.

Just like how sediments can cloud the visibility of waters and make them muddy; our ability to see a clear path forward can become cloudy as well.

It is in moments like these that we need to take time to let the sediment settle. It’s not something we can rush. All we can do is wait patiently and allow earth and gravity to take their course.

It’s true that so many of us are hungry for answers, for resolution, for the return back to ‘normalcy’. Many of us are just waiting out the storm, while acutely aware of the unease that comes with the unknown. Many of us are feeling like we are up in limbo, just waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop, for things to settle down.

But just like how the sediments that swirl in the waters during a storm will find its place back to stillness on the ground one day, so will we.

By then, the storm may have carried us to a completely new place in our lives: in our minds and hearts, in our relationships, and even perhaps in our careers, livelihoods, and physical locations.

But wherever we land, it will be exactly where we need to be. And from this place we will make our way forward as we strive to ascend into our true purpose – as individuals, and as a collective.

So let us seek the wisdom and power of stillness and calm amidst the storm. And trust that in time, the sediments will settle, the water will clear, and the path forward will become easier to see.

In the meantime, let us cultivate the medicines we carry inside to help heal ourselves first and foremost. So that we may allow that healing vibration to grow from the inside out, to touch those in our lives, and people around the world.

These storms can serve as a training ground for you in regard to your emotional, mental, and physical stamina. A space to cultivate a practice of self-regulation, which will lend itself toward eventually achieving self-mastery.

3 Tips for grounding during the storm.

1. Let go of old baggage – physical, mental, emotional

Release the past. Make space for the new. This may require doing some deep digging to find and identify old patterns and stories that we default into. These defaults are often rooted in disempowering places that hold us back – and so it’s important to clear these out to make space for something that will empower us to progress forward instead.

2. Develop a routine

Do something simple every day that helps to ground you. For example you could do one thing for your mind, body, and soul that takes 10-15 mins each. Make sure sticking to a routing comes from a place of self-love, not one of guilt, fear, or a ‘should’-based obligation. Make it an act of self-love. If you mess up, be kind to yourself.

3. Make time and space for stillness and listening to your inner guidance

Make space for your intuition and inner guidance to develop and become stronger. Seek stillness in your mind. Become the embodiment of the peace that you seek. Strengthen in this sacred space, and develop the spiritual stamina to wait out the storm. Instead of engaging from a place of stress and anxiety, reach for the calm and the patience of an old enlightened sage. And remember that compassion is everything (especially toward yourself, as well as others).

*  *  *

We don’t know when the dust will settle, only that it will. We don’t know what the world will look like after this, but we do know there is a transformation taking place. Change is happening – internally inside of ourselves, and externally around the world.

Let us bear witness in these unprecedented times: not just to the cracks in our systems of government and health care; but also to the parts within ourselves that need to be repaired, tended to, and in some cases released completely.

Allow the sediments you have kicked up while fighting your storm, to settle and ground. Find peace and stillness within. Eventually the waters will clear, and you will be able to see the way forward again.

Stay patient and grounded dear lights.

The storm is here to strengthen you.

Sun – the Phoenix

Vision Director | Interfusion Festival

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