Self Care Letter – Chandra Bliss

Let’s talk post-festival Self-Care Loves.

May I offer these inspirations for you to consider for your safe return.

SLEEP ?????????

I know so many of us (over)extend ourselves to soak up ever last drop of this glorious event. Your system is designed to be restored and renewed with rest times.

Balance this non-doing activity back into your life. Let all the beauty you received seep through all your sleepy spaces and imbue each and every cell with power of your renewed, regenerated creative forces.

The world’s best athletes are just that because they balance training periods with rest periods. The world needs us at our best if we are to demonstrate what we experienced this weekend out into the world. We create the changes we seek. Rest up loves.


You learned and experienced a lot this weekend. From a quantum perspective, you have literally changes your cells with your new thoughts and the new ways you practiced being.

Now it is time to Trust Yourself… and follow the synapses of your body-mind, heart and soul. There is going to be something that may seem subtle or outrageous that your body wants you to bare witness too, consider going there… trusting yourself… even if you don’t know how it is going to work out. The Universe has your back, and so does this community 😉

This is the beauty of enjoying the experience of the journey no matter which way it takes you. Don’t miss this ride and discoveries of a lifetime!


No one is an expert right out of the gates. Any new skill simply asks us to repeat it, and repeat it, and repeat it to get better… you get my point without saying that don’tcha?

Old paradigm thinking was quick to judge. Its been easy to beat ourselves up, catch comparison-itis or even shame ourselves for not being able to do things perfectly wonderfully.

Well enough of that noise. I have been practicing the Art of Launching Ugly! Meaning, getting out of my perfectionist ideals which have me procrastinate myself out of a life richly lived and just getting started!

What if we could be willing to be new with the things we learned Loves… start where we are… and be perfectly imperfect? Hummmm right?!

I promise you Love does not recognize the difference!


Well this is really what all of the above tips and suggestions really are about. Finding ways to integrate and live into what you learned this weekend more deeply… to embody it instead of letting it be a beep in time.

In this way, we get to BE and live more of what we experienced in our cocoon… out in the world.

If we don’t rest up, take time, practice our new skills, and follow our internal guidance system, then we will never realize who we really are capable of being.

We came here to experience, learn and grow. We came here to create. We came here to EVOLVE did we not?

So let’s open ourselves up to it! Let’s allow the seeds of the new paradigms and ways of being, creating, to connecting to germinate by integrating High Self-Care practices. Water and feed your experiences regularly, and watch your garden grow.

So let me close by congratulating your. I think we all did a fabulous job of raising our Consciousness, experiencing our Inner Bliss, and ultimately showing the world how its done in a time when there is a lot of contrast in the opposite direction.

So take extraordinary care of yourself Interfusionists. You are needed. You are loved. You, as this new you you became after this weekend are a model of what is beautiful in this world.

Yes, and more of that please and thank you!

~Chandra Bliss

About the Author 

Chandra Bliss, empowers clients around the world to stop and smell the sacred cacao! Embodying a unique combination of Pain Whisperer meets Bliss Catalyst, Joyful Muse and Presence-healing Powerhouse, she reminds high performers, hustlers and honey do-ers alike: pain, strain, stress and tension, while excellent communicators, are not a lifestyle.

This arena is where Chandra literally lights up. Thousands of times over, she has brought relief and results to clients whose tight, compressed, cramped bodies and lifestyles were distracting them from their purpose; cutting them off from deeper connection, stealing their joy and impacting their lives.

Through her Self-Care Love Affair programs, Chandra mentors clients to transcend from resistance to bliss and from pain to empowerment. She proves to her clients that her methods work through the results they experience. She champions them to slow down, breathe, play with postures and cultivate deeper body-mind awareness with the infinite, healing intelligence within them.

As a result of her holistic approach, they get to flourish and rewild themselves with their own Inner Bliss – a naturally expanded state of peace brought on by their own life balance suffused with ease, aliveness, and freedom.

Once upon a time, Chandra barely escaped her own unrelenting hustle. As a Real Estate Investor, high-level stress cut her off from her flow, made her very sick and bitter. Her health, relationships and career suffered greatly as she lost her own center until she almost lost her own life. Lemon to lemonade, she answered that wake-up call by returning to her raw, pure love and passion for dancing, holistic health, quantum healing, and spiritual development.

Chandra has taken everything she’s learned in the past 28 years from Kinesiology, Energy Medicine, Spinal Decompression Yoga, Tantra, with a myriad of spiritual self-development studies, and combined it with her sassy sense of fun and trusted sixth sense. With these tools, she guides her clients on a journey towards living free and meaningful, loving, abundant lifestyles they are more than worthy of.