umair 3


Conscious Dance Director

Umair Ahsan is motivated to thread together a deep and enriching Conscious Dance Program for Interfusion Festival. Umair has been dancing Contact Improvisation, Ecstatic Dance and 5Rythms since 2017 and has witnessed the power of conscious dance through his own transformation and growth. He is an active member of the conscious dance events in Washington DC and enjoys traveling for dance.

Umair is a host by nature and loves to create intentional spaces for expression, healing and connection and is the co-founder of a healing arts collective in the DC area that organizes community events. He also co-organizes a space for Contact Improvisation at a local dance studio. In addition, Umair holds a master’s in electrical engineering and is the founder of Aquanimous, a company that markets sustainable cork yoga, recovery and self-massage tools that aims to shift the normalization of plastics and artificial materials in the fitness industry.