Sun Park 2022


Integration Director

Board of Directors

Phoenix is a being of purpose. Grounded and guided by spirit. She is honored to be serving this year as Interfusion’s Integration Director and member of the Board of Directors. She truly enjoys supporting the process of creating strategic integrations for healthy internal processes, cultivating love, and family.

She is also the founder of Voice of Purpose, a social enterprise with a mission to ignite and equip a movement of artist-educators and arts organizations who embody their purpose to deepen their impact in the world.

Her latest major project is a research initiative that spans across Canada and the US and aims to support and build capacity and sustainability in the community arts education industry. It centers on identifying and supporting the needs of artists when they are engaged in digital learning environments.

Phoenix’s creative modalities of practice play among a mix of mediums including poetry, music, visual art, and dance.  For the past 5 years she’s been in a beautiful love affair with Brazilian Zouk, and now, it feels like home.

Her formal training in healing modalities includes Integral Healing, a convergence of western psychotherapy, eastern forms of energy medicine, and bioenergetic therapy.