It is time to build and rise toward Ascension

Dear lights,

We hope that you arrived safely back to your home or perhaps to your next adventure.

As you transition back into the regular rhythm of your life and what comes next, remember with love all of the beautiful moments we co-created together. Count your blessings and take note of the lessons you learned.

Now that we have discovered and deepened into our process of evolution, it is time to build and rise toward ascension.

The seeds you planted will grow and flourish, as do you.

The fruits are manifesting through the pathway of your own evolution as a person. You are here for a reason. Your intuition guides you toward your purpose and the lessons you need along the way.

Run toward the light of your heart. Choose to feel love even when you feel lonely. Hold and appreciate yourself for the beautiful being that you are.

Stay in contact with the people you met. Send each other (and yourself) messages of love, encouragement, and appreciation.

Many of us came to the festival travelling from many different places. Though we can’t be puddled in cuddles all the time, may we stay alive in each other’s hearts throughout the year. We’ll see you when you come home to be with the family again next year.

Thank you for making our beloved community such a beautifully inspiring place to explore our personal and collective evolution.

Love and Light.

Interfusion Team