From Post-Festival Blues to Lasting Change

Feeling post-Interfusion blues? You are not alone! Returning to the everyday life after a deeply spiritual multi-day experience it is very common to feel a little sad, overwhelmed with emotions and disconnected from the mundane reality. For many, the Interfusion experience exposed hidden feelings and opened up parts of themselves they may had never realized existed. Stepping back in the outside world, such feelings may be hard to process. But when we return to our everyday lives and integrate our Interfusion experiences into our lifestyles, is when true transformation begins.

The following tips will not only help you cope with your post-Interfusion blues and also turn them into a lasting personal transformation.

1. Let yourself feel and ride that emotional roller coaster with joy! From tears to laugher from exhilaration to sadness from pain to forgiveness, let your emotions flow. Let yourself be human, let yourself feel alive without judgment or regret. Let those feelings come and let them go.

2. Make space to process. Take meditation pauses, reflective walks, make appointments with trusted friends and spiritual guides to share your reflections. Let your feelings guide the next steps of your journey.

3. Take care of your body. While exhilarating and nurturing, Interfusion adventures can also be challenging for the body. Be sure to catch up on your rest, hydrate and eat well. Use massage, partner therapeutics and gentle stretching if your muscles feel sore. Once your body feels better, so will your mind.

4. Create! Interacting with hundreds of amazing creative souls will naturally stir a lot of creative energy within you. Mixed with other emotions, these creative urges may feel a bit overwhelming. You may want to write a book, learn 5 new movement arts, start a sustainable living commune and do it all at once. Embrace that stir! Take some time to reflect on and tune into your creative urges and before too long, start channeling your energy into what your heart yearns for the most. Start creating!

5. Embrace your new gifts. Just like interacting with creatives gives you a creative jolt, interacting with energetically attuned people expands your energetic awareness. In your Interfusion experience you may have interacted with more than a few empaths, energy workers and otherwise energetically sensitive individuals. As you return to your everyday life, do not be surprised if you find yourself sensing and reading others in ways you have never done before. Trust that you are not imagining things, you have simply learned to notice things you haven’t noticed before. Embrace that beautiful gift.

6. Keep connected with your Interfusion friends. Regardless of where you are in the world, keeping connection with others who shared the Interfusion experience with you will help you integrate it more fully. Join the Facebook Interfusion Community Group, share your updates and support each other on your journeys.

7. Make a commitment to face-to-face interactions with other humans. After such a connected long weekend filled with deep personal interactions, soulful connections, physical affection and unconditional love returning to lives filled with isolation both physical and emotional can be harsh. If you don’t have that in your life already, make a commitment to seek out personal human connections with others. If you live somewhere that doesn’t allow you to see your Interfusion family often, find other like-minded communities to connect with or rekindle connections you already have.

8. Write down your ideas and plan your future adventures. If you are exploding with ideas about new passions you want to pursue, new discoveries you made about yourself, and new adventures you imagine yourself embarking upon, write them all out in a plan and post it somewhere you can see it every day. After the initial excitement fades, it can remind you of the journey you envisioned for yourself and make it more likely that you will follow through.

9. Walk away from negativity. For many, Interfusion was an intense spiritual awakening experience. While such experience can be a powerful push for transformation and growth, it can also leave you vulnerable. In a world full of unresolved pain and repression your open heart can become a target for toxic energies from those who haven’t yet awakened. In such an open state, those influences can be particularly painful; especially if their sources include your family and loved ones. As you continue to live in an awakened state, you will learn to deflect, neutralize and eventually transcend negativity but if your awakening journey is just starting, it is wise to protect yourself by limiting contacts with negative people and situations for some time.

10. Lead the change. Having been awakened to higher states of consciousness, you now are an agent of change and universal awakening. Pass your transformation on to others, share the love, stay firm on your path, lead, inspire, educate, keep growing and shining your divine light onto others. Know that you are significant, that your journey matters and that you have all the power you need to heal yourself and the world around you.

Love and Light.

Umka Pele | Interfusion Festival Producer