Universal Love – Evolutionary Values 1

In January 2019, ‘Rebirth’ took place during the eclipse of the super blood moon (the only total lunar eclipse visible from North America this year). Over the next 7 full moons we will take a moment to commemorate, and contemplate each Interfusion Community core value, its meaning and application, and how we can integrate it more fully into our daily lives, contributing toward our greater collective evolution.

As the adage goes: if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.  It’s a little simplistic, but there is something to be said about standing strong in the values that you place at the core of who you are and for your life.  They are the frameworks for defining and upholding integrity and honour. They are your pillars of purpose; life-rafts for building resilience.

Evolutionary Values Part 1: Universal Love

“Universal Love is reverence for all of humanity and all of creation without conditions or restraints. It is the heart of the divine in us that inspires awe and wonder in every breath we take, in every voice we hear and in every soul we encounter. Universal Love is the only state in which we can truly understand ourselves and authentically connect with others, the state of ultimate liberation.”

Universal Love is a fundamental element of a truly liberated life. It is also in ways a very romantic notion, often somewhat misunderstood by those who seek it.

Many who walk a spiritual path of awakening seek to lose themselves in the rapture of divinity, to be swept up within the awe and wonder for all that surrounds us. It is a beautiful idea, and at times it can seem very impractical – especially if we are understanding Universal Love as something associated only with uplifted states accompanied by luminous light.

But what does embodying Universal Love look like when one is confronted with betrayal, or abuse? It is impractical to ask someone to stand in reverence or in awe of someone who has just hurt them. What about when we are feeling unwell, under the pressure of external expectations, or faced with a severe lack of material resources?

What does Universal Love look like then?

It is only through the work of our personal growth and evolution that we can find the answer to this very big question.

Embodying Universal Love is in essence practicing the ability to see the divine in everything, big and small, pleasant as well as unpleasant, internal and external. It is becoming an expression of the divine through mentally positioning yourself within acceptance, and intentionally engaging the emotions that align with acceptance.

Now this doesn’t mean you allow abuse to continue, but it is choosing internally to reach for an embodied feeling of equanimity, forgiveness, compassion, and peace instead of deepening into suffering, anger, resentment, revenge etc.

Universal Love is that which allows us to see the bigger picture.

To embody liberation is being able to choose to no longer be blindsided by our own conditioned reactions or unhealthy defence mechanisms.

Universal Love opens us up to true forgiveness and compassion that is held in the heart, and not merely performed.

To be its embodiment is to come home to knowing that you are the divine, it is your true self – just as it is true for all beings and things around you.

Universal Love gives us strength and wisdom to be the greatest versions of ourselves.

When you have access to Universal Love, you are able to find hope in your most desperate moments because you remember, that you are an expression of the divine. You gain the ability to honour all things (including yourself) even when things get bad, taking care of yourself, refusing to give up or be mistreated.

Universal Love helps us to surrender debilitating resistance, and strive for greater understanding, wisdom, and humility in our darkest and most challenging times.

Oh there is so so much more, but let us pause here for now.

I invite you today, to contemplate the true meaning of liberation and Universal Love as it applies to your life right now. How can you become a greater expression of the divine, of Universal Love, in your most mundane tasks and challenging relationships today?

Next month, we will dig deeper into the value of Humility.

Meditative Invocation

“I am Universal Love, I am acceptance, I am divine.”

~ Sun a.k.a Phoenix