IFIX Welcome Package

Interfusion Festival was founded in 2016 under The Institute for Integrative Wellness with our first festival taking place at Dance Loft on 14th St. in DC as a celebration of the human spirit. Since that time, it has become the primary indoor transformative festival of North America bringing together the like-minded from across the US and beyond on MLK weekend.

Mission & Vision

Interfusion is a grassroots community-centered creative project with more than twenty percent of participants involved in the creative or services process that bring Interfusion to life. From educational offerings to exposure to healthy social outlets, lifestyles and supportive communities, Interfusion Festival’s mission is to bring awareness of a collective of practices and modalities to promote an integrative approach to wellness for our multidisciplinary festival community. The festival program is co-created as shared living art to support the community in rising to higher states of growth and wellbeing. It is built through our relationships with each other, and the many heartfelt conversations that have taken place since we began this creative endeavor.


By entering the Interfusion Festival grounds you are agreeing to the below consent code of conduct. The Interfusion Consent Team and Security Members will be available to report any consent or boundary crossing situations and incidents of inappropriate behavior. Consent Team Members will be identified by lanyards.

To report any incidents of inappropriate behavior online, use the Interfusion Incident Reporting Form. The festival consent team has the authority to take actions if the behavior of any individual or small group detracts from the safe, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of the festival.


Interfusion is committed to creating a safe haven of creativity and personal growth for all participants. Here are our community consent rules of etiquette, or Code of Conduct, so everyone feels safe and at choice.

1. Consent First    All participants must receive explicit verbal or non-verbal consent before any interaction that involves physical contact.

2. Yes & No:   “Yes” means yes. Hesitation or “maybe” means “no” or there’s something to clarify.

3. Check In:  Check in during any physical activity for another “Yes”. Ask questions, talk, or clarify when ambiguous (e.g. Do you feel safe? Does that feel good? Do you want to continue?)

4. Consent Resets:  A “yes” once does not mean “yes” in the future. Don’t make assumptions.

5. Be Attentive:  Respecting consent even in the absence of words. Watch for cues in body language which may communicate that someone is hesitant or uncomfortable with an interaction (i.e. averting eyes, nervous laughter, frowning, non-response). If you pick up any cues, check in and ask for clarification.

6. Say Stop:  Want an interaction to end but you don’t know what to say? Use the word STOP.  The word stop is understood to mean you want an interaction to end.

7. Compliance:  If someone says STOP to you, that means your interaction ends immediately.

8. Respect Individual Agency:  Do not try to convince, coerce, or manipulate another person to engage with you in an activity or interaction when their answer is “maybe”, “no”, or “stop”.

9. Communicate:  It is encouraged to talk about what just happened with the individual to build and spread awareness. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to them, tell others what happened and talk to a consent team member right away. The community and consent team are here to help.

10. Contact:  Contact a consent team member if you think you may have crossed someone’s boundaries, had your boundaries crossed, or gotten into a questionable situation around consent. Contact the security team for serious violations and immediate threats. Use the Incident Reporting Form to report after festival hours.

If you see or experience consent behavior that is inappropriate or out of line, report it immediately. The consent team aims to catch consent breakdowns as soon as possible, so we can prevent more serious violations (e.g. physical coercion, you’ve said STOP more than once, you feel unsafe).

If any person, or group of persons, violates or is not in accordance with these Code of Conduct policies, they may be escorted out of the festival grounds, expelled from future events, and/or released to authorities.


Interfusion Festival IX (IFIX) takes place at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA located at: 1700 Richmond Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202. This 4.5-star hotel is just minutes from Washington, D.C. and Reagan National Airport. Travel with ease with a complimentary roundtrip shuttle to DCA and an interior corridor connecting you to the entire Metro.

The Interfusion Festival grounds has been expanded to approximately 40,000 sq. ft. or the entire convention space, holding about 2,500 persons at one time as it applies to Interfusion Festival activities. 


Wisdom & Science

Deepen your knowledge of the self and the nature of reality

Intimacy & Sexuality

Explore the art of self-love and boundary setting to connect with more sovereignty


Healing Arts

Delve into holistic practices that promote healing and well-being

Partner Dances

Share the delight of co-created connected movement


Conscious Comms

From individual reflection to community connection

Expressive Arts

Movement practices that allow one to put the body in motion in order to still the mind

Consent Education


Updated picture frames are now available for Interfusion Festival. Just click below, select a frame and photo, adjust, and download.


Dress themes are optional and offer suggestions on how to dress up with others on each major night of the festival.


The Integrative Wellness Expo vendors bringing a variety of products and services that empower individuals to achieve a greater state of well-being, balance and positive human experience.

Join a dynamic group of selected community vendors presenting their unique crafts and products to attendees from across the globe for all days of the festival. Local vendor products include essential oils, herbs, healing crystals, Brazilian bodysuits, naturopathic medicine, massages and much more.

Standard Space

Ideal for vendors and exhibitors desiring more intimate interactions with customers such as massage, wellness and education services as well as clothing vendors offering items that may require fitting.

Premium Space

Located in the highest traffic areas of the event are great for vendors pursuing high-volume quick sales of small-to-medium-sized products such as clothing and exercise accessories, crystals, essential oils; or non-vending exhibitors desiring to generate the greatest number of impressions.

Vendor Table

72in x 30in vendor spaces for all days of Interfusion Festival at the Crystal Gateway Marriott.


Social media promotions prior to and after the event to peak interest.

All Access

Access to festival activities for themselves and one assistant.


Exceptional networking opportunities with creatives from various communities.

Vendor Application


Interfusion Festival was founded in 2016 under The Institute for Integrative Wellness (IFIW) with our first festival taking place at Dance Loft on 14th St. in Washington, DC as a celebration of the human spirit. Since that time, it has become the primary indoor transformative festival of North America bringing together the like-minded from across the US and beyond on Martin Luther King weekend.

It is a grassroots community-centered creative project with more than twenty percent of participants involved in the creative or services process that brings Interfusion to life. Today we continue to operate our grassroots community-based project from Washington DC, with our business conducted at Columbia Heights and our founder relocating to 14 th St. as of 2022.

The Crystal Gateway Marriott is located at: 1700 Richmond Highway, Arlington, VA 22202

To get the most out of your experience, the best place to stay is at The Crystal Gateway Marriott where the festival is held. To reserve a discounted community room, click on the “Book a Room” button on our plan page or visit our room block directly here.  Alternatively you may call the Marriott directly at (703) 920-3230 and say that you are coming with Interfusion Festival group to receive best discounted rate.

Absolutely. The festival has plenty of choices for beginners. Please refer to the full festival schedule before the event and look for offerings marked as “beginner” or “all levels” to plan your experience.

No partner is necessary. Partnerships may be created during workshops with instructors often providing an option to rotate with others to create the best learning environment possible. You may also choose to stay with one partner.

How to dress and what you bring will depend on the workshops and other activities you are planning on participating in. A personal sport towel, water bottle, hand sanitizer, and notebook are recommended but not necessary. It is recommended that you bring a personal yoga mat with you if you are traveling locally to the festival. Please consider avoiding loose fitting clothing and jewelry as they may become safety hazards.

The Interfusion Festival IX (IFIX) schedule is now live to create personalized schedules and signup for festival activities. All pass holders receive access by email to the Sched system to plan their experience.

This year personalized schedules are required for festival access and daytime activities, while attendees may update their personalized schedules during the event. Nighttime activities are open access with a full or night pass, with no online signups required. Pass holders may visit the Interfusion Schedule page at any time to log back in and see their personal schedules.

The entire DMV, just an escalator ride away. The hotel is located directly above the Crystal City Metro stop, making it easy for you to travel in the areas in and surrounding the nation’s capital.

Yes. Take advantage of the hotel’s complimentary round trip shuttle to/from Reagan National Airport and travel with ease.  The airport is located just 2 miles from the hotel.

Many other local restaurants are within walking distance of the hotel. A list of restaurants is available upon request to the Crystal Gateway Marriott.

Many participants choose to dress in the themes together to add to their experience. Dress themes are optional and selected by Dec 15h each year to offer suggestions on how to dress up with others on each major night of the festival.

Friday – Neon & Glow in the Dark
Saturday – Legends & Fairytales
Sunday – Pajamas & Onesies

A separate email is required for each attendee to use the Interfusion Festival scheduling system. If your group registered multiple tickets using only one email, please provide the individual emails of all parties in your group to the Interfusion Team. Our team will confirm the correct email of everyone in the group to ensure they may access schedule sign-ups.

Festival registration hours are as follows:

    • Thursday: 4:00pm – 12:00am
    • Friday: 8:00am – 2:00am
    • Saturday: 8:00am – 2:00am
    • Sunday: 8:00am – 2:00am

Once you arrive at the hotel, proceed to the second floor and check in with the registration desk. Please bring your photo ID.

The Crystal Gateway Marriott cancellation policy regarding room reservations under the Interfusion Community discounted block is as follows:

“Cancellation is permitted until 11:59 PM 3-days prior to arrival at no charge.  Rooms cancelled after 11:59 PM 3-days prior to arrival will be assessed a fee equal to the first night’s room and tax. Please note, the credit card that is used during the booking process is required at check-in or you may present another form of payment.  If you’d like to secure room and tax charges on the card used during the booking process please contact the hotel directly for a credit card authorization form.”

While all ticket sales are final, ticket holders who purchased a pass for Interfusion Festival may transfer their pass to another person by October 15th. No passes will be transferred after that time. The full name and email of the person to transfer the pass to is required, along with a transfer fee. 

See the DJ Artists & Musician Collective Project here to stay connected with last Interfusion Festival’s music artists and keep up with their latest creations and tours throughout the year.

For awareness the selection and rotation of program guides and other creatives are made each project cycle based on professional qualifications, performance and program needs. Program Directors review applications each project cycle and recommend changes to their respective program lineups to best serve the needs of the community and project. 

New Artist Applications

Please direct all inquiries to facilitate, speak, play, or present at Interfusion Festival through the formal application process. Persons interested in applying for the first time may submit their application and resume/CV using the application form found here.

Previous Artists Requests

Persons that have previously participated as an artist at Interfusion Festival that have not received tenure status may seek to reapply by providing additional information including proposed new offerings and creative ideas for consideration by our project team here

Join a dynamic group of selected community vendors sharing their holistic products and services to participants from across the U.S. and beyond.  To apply for the Interfusion Wellness Expo held at Interfusion Festival, submit your application here.

The Community Volunteer Program (CVP) is made up of over a hundred volunteers working alongside Project Team to serve the wider community. The application process begins early fall each year with entries considered for the next festival based on previous service, qualifications, and the needs of the program. If you are interested in volunteering we invite you to apply here.

To create an Interfusion Festival framed photo just click the link below, select a frame type and photo, adjust, and download.


Interfusion is committed to creating a safe environment for creativity and personal growth for all participants. Here are our community Code of ConductConsent Policy and Incident Reporting Form. To contact the our Consent Committee directly email: consent@interfusionfestival.com.


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