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Interfusion Festival VII Welcome Package

January 13-17, 2022


Interfusion Festival was founded in 2016 with an intention of cultivating a multicultural community of visionaries seeking to elevate individual and collective consciousness. Since that time it has become the primary indoor transformative festival of North America, bringing together the like-minded from across the US and beyond on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.


Interfusion is a grassroots community centered creative project on its seventh year. More than twenty percent of participants are part of the creative or services process that together bring Interfusion to life.


The program was built as shared living art to support the community in rising to higher states of growth and wellbeing. It was built through our relationships with each other, and the many heartfelt conversations that took place since we began this creative endeavor.


Our community is built on the values of Universal Love, Humility, Non-rivalry, Non-judgment, Caring, Courage and Curiosity. Embodying these values in our actions and attitudes allows Interfusion Community to thrive as a space for creativity and personal growth.


When we ascend we come into alignment with the highest version of ourselves. We reclaim our wholeness and rise to our potential. Ascension is seating in the power of the fullness of who we are.


The impacts of the pandemic do not stop with COVID-19. Beginning with lockdowns, the pandemic brought with it an unprecedented rise in clinical depression, mental health disorders, opioid abuse, and suicides. From educational offerings in positive psychology, meditation, and expressive arts, to exposure to healthy social outlets, lifestyles and supportive communities, Interfusion Festival aims to bring awareness of a collective of practices and modalities that may help combat the public and mental health crisis beyond COVID-19 which continues to affect the lives of our friends, families, and communities to this day.




A modern day oasis. The festival takes place at the Crystal Gateway Marriott located at 1700 Richmond Highway, Arlington, VA 22202. This 4.5 star hotel is located just minutes from Washington, D.C. and Reagan National Airport (DCA). Travel with ease with a complimentary roundtrip shuttle to DCA and an interior corridor connecting you to the entire Metro. 

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Festival Grounds

Festival Grounds

The Interfusion Festival grounds has been expanded to approximately 40,000 sq. ft. or the entire convention space of the Crystal Gateway. The space holds about 2,500 persons at one time as it applies to Interfusion Festival activities. In 2022 Interfusion Festival will have approximately 1,500 persons participating in one or more days of the festival, or about 40 percent less than the convention space total capacity.

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The festival front desk serves as the main entry to Interfusion Festival, guest relations and help desk.

Located at the end of the Arlington foyer, the Community Care Center provides support for the community throughout the festival. Come to the Care Center to get help from the Consent Team, the Emotional Support Team, and/or the Medical Team.

Studio 1 is located at the Skyview area of the Crystal Gateway and is where Candlelight Conversations takes place each main night of the festival.  

Studio 2 is located on the lower side of the Grand Ballroom and is where Ecstatic dance takes place at night.

Studio 3 is located on the upper side of the Grand Ballroom and is where daytime and nighttime activities take place.

Studio 4 is located on the right side of the Arlington Ballroom and is where Kizomba social dancing takes place at night.

Studio 5 is located on the middle right side of the Arlington Ballroom and combines with Studio 6 for the Zouk Ballroom each night.

Studio 6 is located on the middle left side of the Arlington Ballroom and combines with Studio 5 for the Zouk Ballroom each night.

Studio 7 is located on the left side of the Arlington Ballroom and splits at night for the Bachata (lower side) and West Coast Swing (upper side) social dancing each night. 

Studio 8 is located on the lobby level of the Crystal Gateway and is where small size daytime workshops take place. 

Studio 9 is located on the second floor of the Crystal Gateway and is the Zouk day social and Zouk & Flow Intensive take place. 

Health & Safety

Consent Policy

Consent Policy

Consent is an empowered decision rooted in personal agency. It is the giving of permission or agreement to participate in an interaction or activity. Consent is active not static, which means that at any point during an activity or interaction, one’s consent may be withdrawn, even if it was given at the outset. Consent is given freely and wholeheartedly with autonomy; it is not hesitant, manipulated, or coerced. 

By entering the Interfusion Festival 2022 grounds all persons are agreeing to the Interfusion Consent Code of Conduct. The Interfusion Consent Team and Security Members will be available to report any consent or boundary crossing situations and incidents of inappropriate behavior. If any person, or group of persons, violates or is not in accordance with these Code of Conduct policies, they may be escorted out of the festival grounds, expelled from future events, and/or released to authorities. The festival consent team has the authority to take actions if the behavior of any individual or small group detracts from the safe, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of the festival.

If you see or experience consent behavior that is inappropriate or out of line, please report it immediately. In the case of major incidents this may result in expulsion from festival grounds, access revoked from attending future events, or legal action, as necessary. All incidents involving violations of the Consent Code of Conduct will be handled with compassionate care and professional integrity.

If you need support, find a Consent Team member either at the Consent Booth or around the Festival grounds, who will be wearing lanyards that say "Consent". You may also reach out to any member of our staff or volunteers and ask them to contact the Consent Team on your behalf, and they will reach out to us ASAP.

Mx. Indigo Dawn
Mx. Indigo Dawn
Ms. Sarah Taub
Ms. Sarah Taub

Make your voice heard and help spread a culture of consent. For comments, recommendations or questions contact the Consent Program Team.

Indigo & Sarah
Consent Team Directors

COVID-19 Policy & Action Plan

COVID-19 Policy & Action Plan

The final COVID-19 Policy & Action Plan was approved by the Board of Directors (BOD) on December 31, 2021. It is based on an 8 Layers of Protection Framework that, when combined, aims to reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and severity of illness of COVID-19.

Criteria that must be met to enter festival grounds include 1) proof of full vaccination or an exemption, 2) proof of a negative COVID-19 test result or testing waiver for the recently recovered, 3) a temperature lower than 100.4 degrees and 4) a clear symptom screener and 5) wearing a face mask and continuing to do so throughout the festival grounds. See the COVID-19 Policy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to learn more.


Daytime Program

Daytime Program

During the daytime explore workshops across multiple programs with full open access. The 2022 schedule has been carefully designed for both individual and shared learning experiences, from beginners to advanced offerings. While no partner required to participate, partnerships may be formed during workshops, with workshop facilitators often providing an option to rotate with others to create the best learning environment possible.

Workshop access control volunteer teams have been reallocated to strengthen COVID-19 Policy & Action Plan protective measures, including temperature checks at festival entry points. Schedule sign-ups are no longer required for 2022 while they serve as a tool to help participants better plan their experiences.

See the artist lineup that will guide your experience with loving-kindness.

Night Program

Night Program

Each night the festival transforms into an enchanted playground with eight unique social gathering and activity spaces. Nighttime activities begin at 9:00 pm with the most popular continuing to 3:00 am. Interfusion’s Candlelight Conversations, AcroYoga Jam & Serenity Lounge are open throughout the night offering a retreat for those needing a break from the high-energy action.

Dress Themes

Some participants choose to dress in the themes to add to their experience.



Black Tie/Dresses/Gowns



Neon/Body Paint/Fantasy




Dress themes are optional and provide suggestions on how to dress on the main nights of the festival. Mask are required. Onesies are not.

Integrative Wellness Expo

Integrative Wellness Expo

The Integrative Wellness Expo vendors bringing a variety of products and services that empower individuals to achieve a greater state of well-being, balance and positive human experience.

Local vendor products include essential oils, herbs, healing crystals, Brazilian bodysuits, naturopathic medicine, massages and much more.

Guidance & Resources

Community Volunteer Program

Community Volunteer Program

The Community Volunteer Program (CVP) is made up of nearly 150 participants coming together to serve the wider community at Interfusion Festival 2022. Founded in 2016, it has grown to now include over ten teams of community members serving in roles supporting consent, health and safety, logistics, guest relations and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Interfusion Team
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