Interfusion offers a variety of daytime workshops spanning dozens of movement genres and healing modalities. Browse below to explore a sampling of our most popular genres. For specifics see the schedule.

Healing Arts

Delve into holistic practices that promote healing, wellness, and spiritual awakening.

Intimacy & Sexuality

Transcend inhibitions and discover the art of self-love and authentic connections.


Practice physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines to find joy, balance and inner peace.

Partner Dances

Share the delight of co-created connected movement.

Wisdom & Mindfulness

Deepen your knowledge of self and the true nature of reality.

Athletic Arts

Challenge yourself through a blend of athletic disciplines and artistic forms.

Expressive Movement

Express your unique creative voice through free-form improvisational movement.


Lael Rasch

Feeling such deep love, appreciation and gratitude for my precious Interfusion Family. What a gift to spend this weekend again with all of you, deepening our roots with one another and growing delicious new connections. What a magnificent gift it is to laugh and breathe and dance and fly and chant and meditate and cuddle and grow and learn and awaken together. 

Jenny Pham

This past weekend at Interfusion Festival has been a transformative experience. I got to explore forms of Acro yoga including Thai massage and Tantra, dabbled in contact improv, attempted ecstatic dance, meditated, experienced healing and lightness through energy work, and ended the nights with non-stop dancing. 

Jenna Wiesenhahn

It attracts and connects so many diverse, open-minded, welcoming people from artistic/movement disciplines that often seem radically different. It's wonderful to find the common connections in our expressions. I really love watching everyone dive into an art form that is completely out of their norm- and usually love it!