Learn the history and the art of the tease with sassy routines filled with bumps, grinds, shimmies, and shakes. Burlesque is an expressive movement art that allows anyone, regardless of status or shape, to unleash their inner tiger and feel both sensual and powerful while having a whole lot of fun.  

With its name deriving from the Italian word “burla”, meaning a prank, a joke, or parody, Burlesque is as much a comedic and theatrical art as it is a sensual one. At its heart are the arts of farce and exaggeration that teach us not to take ourselves too seriously. 


Burlesque dance creates an unapologetically uninhibited atmosphere that promotes self-acceptance and positive body image that is free of shame and judgement. 


Burlesque at heart is about poking fun at the norm, expressing and owning one's playful and sensual power, so you can invite the magic and mystery that lay outside normal confines.


Being a performance-focused art from, Burlesque teaches participants to story-tell through movement and facial expressions creating a relationship with the audience.


Its comedic origins ensure that the experience is filled with laughs, good humor, and tons of playful pretense that are guaranteed to leave participants in cheerful spirits.