Sensual Heels and Floorwork classes at Interfusion provide safe spaces for femmes to explore their innate sensuality through dance in a supportive, judgement-free, and competition-free environment. It is a space that nurtures body positive attitude, radical self-love, sensuality and uninhibited movement.

Sensual Heels and Floorwork offerings are appropriate and welcoming to all ages, body types and levels of experience and confidence. Whether you want to build confidence walking in heels, learn new dance techniques, unleash your expressive potential, or just have some movement fun, these workshops have something for everyone. 

shoes 1

Despite what the name may suggest, wearing heels is entirely optional. Whether you wear heels or not, you are sure to learn some attention-grabbing moves, nurture your inner diva, and have a great workout.

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Diving into your sensuality through dance is a great way to build self-esteem, overcome insecurities and release repressed emotions to uncover your full potential. 

Heels & Floor 1 zenzouk

You can expect to learn a variety of sexy dance moves, struts, isolations, traces, hair flips, improve your posture, learn to develop character, attitude, confidence and skills of storytelling with both the body and the face.

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Learning and flowing through a sultry choreography provides a nice gratification that you can take away with you and share with your special others.