Salsa is a popular form of social dance with Caribbean origins. Salsa dance and music evolved into their current form and got popularized in the mid-1970s by the Caribbean and Latino communities in New York. There are now multiple distinct styles of Salsa across Latin America and US regions.

Salsa music is characterized by its distinct sound and fast-paced rhythm while salsa dancing is known for its elaborate spins, turn patters and shines. Performance forms of Salsa are often spiced up with flashy lifts, dips and acrobatics.

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Salsa is often differentiated into Salsa “On 1” and Salsa “On 2”. The main distinction between them is that in the former dancers start dancing on the first beat of the music while in the latter, they start on the second beat.

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Being a fast-pace dance, Salsa is an excellent cardiovascular and full body workout. It is also a powerful stress buster and an outlet for healthy emotional release through movement.

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One of the appeals of Salsa is that it is fairly accessible to complete beginners. The basic steps and turns can be learned in just a few hours of instruction allowing the dancers to comfortably enjoy themselves on the social floor.

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As a social dance, Salsa is truly a global community. Almost every major city has regular salsa socials allowing you to connect with others through this international language.