The Brazilian Zouk & Intimacy Intensive at Interfusion Festival brings to you the essence of this unique dance and embraces its culture, connection and intimacy dynamics facilitated by world known international instructors. The intensive taught by Anderson and Brenda, Guilherme, and Kuna.

Anderson & Brenda 2aa

Anderson and Brenda

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Guilherme Prada

Kuna Hamad a

Kuna Malik Hamad

Designed to combine Brazilian Zouk's technical and metaphysical aspects with breathing techniques and intimacy practices, the intensive is intended to advanced dancers who feel comfortable and capable of deeply connecting with your partner.

During the last decade, Brazilian Zouk took over the world and became one of the most versatile and creative social dances there is. Due to the freedom in which dancers can touch, move and feel, Brazilian Zouk also became a powerful tool to explore, study and understand connection and intimacy in levels not experienced in our everyday lives.

"We can all relate and recall one moment, dancing zouk with someone, where you felt a level of intimacy that is different from all the others we experienced up to that moment. It is not romantic, not sexual, not fraternal, it is something else. Therefore, considering the unique opportunity it provides to integrate many forms of art and its mission to bring new experiences to people, we present the Zouk and Intimacy Intensive".

-Guilherme Prada, Zouk Program Director

Selection Process

The 7.5 hour intensive spans over 3 days and is designed for experienced Brazilian Zouk dancers who want to explore deeper concepts both in zouk and intimacy. Therefore, the number of students admitted will be limited to provide more attention, details and feedback to all participants. Festival attendees are invited to apply if they meet at least 4 of following minimum prerequisites.

  • Mastery of fundamentals and body isolations

  • Mastery of timing, musicality and traveling

  • Consistent private or group zouk dance instruction for at least 18 months

  • Consistent engagement with a zouk community and social dancing for 18 months

  • Open-Mindedness and willingness to connect deeply with your partner

Cultural Exchange

Similar to spoken language, dance is an expression of a people and their culture, which can be shared across boarders to bring an unique level of cultural acceptance, awareness and enrichment of lives it touches around the world. Brazilian zouk is a form of cultural expression that provides a medium to share the culture of Brazil with others. The dance evolved from the cross of Brazilian Lambada and Caribbean Zouk music, grew fast in popularly Rio de Janeiro, and fuses the culture of Brazilian movement with other expressive arts and dances, including Samba de Gafieira. Interfusion Festival is committed to empowering lives by sharing the unique practices of cultures from across the globe. 

Full Zouk Program

Interfusion Festival includes over 20 hours of Brazilian Zouk workshops from a nurturing team of artists and social dancing each night. Artists include Brenda & Anderson, Marc Brewer, Rose Turuka, Kuna Hamad, Ashley Kent, Ebonie Lee, Atoro Lopez, DJ Viscious, DJ Power, & DJ Chuky and more.

Program Director

Guilherme Prada is the director of the Brazilian Zouk Program at Interfusion Festival, the largest indoor healing and movement arts festival in the US. Under this role, Guilherme designed the Brazilian Zouk Intensive and is responsible for implementing the zouk program at Interfusion Festival to bring education and cultural understanding of Brazilian Zouk dance, its history, and practice to our community.