The Brazilian Zouk & Flow Intensive (BZFI) brings to you the essence of this unique dance facilitated by world known international instructors Guilherme, Kelsey, Alissoni, Christina, Ry'el, Jessica, and Kuna.

"For the fourth consecutive year we will be offering our unique Brazilian Zouk program at Interfusion Festival. The first Intensives were an amazing experience and this time we want to make it even better by bringing in new instructors to contribute with their teachings. For our Zouk & Flow Intensive in 2023, Alisson & Christina and Ry'el & Jessica will be joining us and bringing their amazing knowledge and craft to the program."-Guilherme Prada, Brazilian Zouk Program Director.

The Program

The intensive is structured as a special cohort group training together for six hours over three days. It is designed to deepen the understanding of Brazilian Zouk's unique fluidity and movement with the more experienced dancer. Rather than working on combinations and patterns, we will study concepts and from those build movements that are full of fluidity. 


In light of the higher complexity of the topics, the intensive was designed for more experienced dancers, who fulfill at least two of the below requirements:

Have at least 3 years of continuous* dance experience

Able to execute Brazilian Zouk fundamentals with ease and fluency

Able to execute Brazilian Zouk basic set of head movements with ease and fluency

 The fundamentals referred above include Basics in Place and Linear, Lateral, Viradinha, Simple Turn, Traveling Turn, Io-Io, Cuddle, Bonus, and direction changes. For the basic set of head movements we have Balão Apagado and Frango Assado.

*By continuous we mean that the dancer did not take long breaks since it started learning, that the dancer goes to classes, socials, training and other learning experiences consistently.

Application Process

Use the button below to apply if you meet the program prerequisites. After submitting your application your request will be assessed by the Brazilian Zouk Program Team. Additional information may be requested to include a recent video displaying your dance practice.

Program Director

Since 2019, Guilherme Prada has been the director of the Brazilian Zouk Program at Interfusion Festival. Under this role, Guilherme designed the intensive and is responsible for implementing the Brazilian Zouk Program to help bring education and cultural understanding of Brazilian Zouk dance, its history, and practice to the community.


Cultural Exchange

Similar to spoken language, dance is an expression of a people and their culture, which can be shared across boarders to bring an unique level of cultural acceptance, awareness and enrichment of lives it touches around the world. Brazilian zouk is a form of cultural expression that provides a medium to share the culture of Brazil with others. The dance evolved from the cross of Brazilian Lambada and Caribbean Zouk music, grew fast in popularly Rio de Janeiro, and fuses the culture of Brazilian movement with other expressive arts and dances, including Samba de Gafieira.