Acro Yoga is a blend of acrobatics, yoga & thai massage. In AcroYoga we are challenged to believe not only in others, but to believe in ourselves. Through this practice we are constantly shown that we, and others, are capable of so much more than we think possible. 

Supporting others is the same as supporting ourselves! AcroYoga allows us to practice supporting one another physically, mentally, and emotionally.  With shared exercises that allow us to think and move in different ways, we create living works of art together.  

AcroYoga combines the therapeutic and healing powers of massage, the focus and intention of yoga, with the strength and precision of acrobatics. This practice will take your physical, mental, and energetic being to a whole new level. 

Trust is a major component of AcroYoga. In our day to day lives it’s hard to trust those around us fully, it’s hard to simply trust ourselves sometimes. This practice will guide you toward growing the trust you have for yourself and those most important to you! 

Worried about showing up to a partner practice without a partner? There’s no need, we have you covered! In AcroYoga you’ll find everyone willing to lift you up, literally and figuratively! Come be a part of an incredibly accepting community!