During the day explore a collective of practices as you rise to higher states of growth.
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Wisdom & Science

Deepen your knowledge of the self and the nature of reality




Positive Psychology

Healing Arts

Delve into holistic practices that promote healing and well-being

Laughter Yoga

Cacao Ceremony

Sound Healing

Conscious Comms

From individual reflection to community connection

Authentic Relating

Consent Education

Relationship Skills

Conscious Conversations

Intimacy & Sexuality

Explore the art of self-love and boundary setting to connect with more sovereignty

Gender Expression

Conscious Sexuality

Intimacy Practices

Sensual Massage

Partner Dances

Share the delight of co-created connected movement

Brazilian Zouk


Expressive Arts

Movement practices that allow one to put the body in motion in order to still the mind

Ecstatic Dance


Contact Improvisation

Belly Dance

Yoga & Bodywork

Practice physical and mental disciplines to find more balance in everyday life.


Thai Massage

Partner Therapeutics

Partner Yoga


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