Testimonials of the Interfusion Festival experience.


"Putting interfusion into words is like trying to put the ocean in a bottle." 

Khristina Simmons

"An experience of a lifetime. I am so energized, so full of love, so overwhelmed with beauty and human connection".

Luz Carime Santa-Coloma

"Interfusion Festival held a space for me to evolve into the next chapter of my life, step into my truth, enjoy movement and connections, honor myself, love with out expectations, be fearlessly vulnerable and be sovereign in my queendom." 

Ja Mila

"I am falling in love with myself, with all the hidden parts of me that I knew was in there somewhere and have been dormant. Thank you Interfusion for allowing me to explore and really feel the depths of my soul, and for allowing me to express it." 

Roselyn Barranda

"At interfusion, I yearned for connection with others, but instead, I kept finding myself. I mean, literally. I was looking for her. I know myself as a strong woman who can handle anything but I came to interfusion to be free, vulnerable and accepted in the ways I hadn't been in my childhood." 

Jen Silas Li

"I can feel with every cell of my being that the miraculous moments that are about to ensue are greater than anything I can imagine. I'd just like to say thank you, thank you for the deeply beautiful experience." 

Lisa Dowers

"Such a blessing to be surrounded by hundreds of beautiful souls also looking to better themselves and evolve into even more beautiful beings through the many tracks of engaging their minds, bodies, and souls in love and growth." 

Marnina Rose

"This entire Interfusion experience has allowed me to learn more about myself, to love myself in a way that I have never experienced, to trust myself and love my vulnerabilities knowing that I have boundaries and that I get to choose." 

Roselyn Barranda

"Interfusion is amazing in that we get a chance to explore our habits and routines and try something different with a perspective that is more open than the norm. From this place I can really honor the courage it takes to fly." 

Michael Shway

"The giving and receiving of empathy and love was so beautiful. The instructors were all so kind and open and patient. Heaven on Earth." 

Stephen Yen

"I absolutely loved the expansion of the Conscious Conversations series and the additional of the Candlight talks in the evenings." 

Lydia Maria

 "I felt safe to make myself vulnerable and I bring with me a deep sense of centeredness to integrate in my interactions. Thank you thank you to all the beautiful souls who attended and gifted us with their love and presence."

Amir Chamsaz

"I feel so blessed to have connected with so many of you on this journey of evolution and embodying love in its purest form." 

Liliana Coventina

"It felt like a different universe, where peoples' first inclination was to be present, loving, and open instead of fearful, closed, and reluctant to engage." 

Patrick Dement

"Interfusion was... Magical.
I feel like an entire lifetime happened in a weekend."

Tom Kid-Shabbat Lev

"This thing is “magic with no tricks” and when radical self-expression is fostered and cared for in a space like this, only more truth can come from it. Here’s to a year of truth, love, clear instinct and intentional action."

Jesse Pearson

"I have so much gratitude for this past weekend at Interfusion. It's difficult to retell all of the profound and transformative moments of connection, learning, dancing, stillness, playfulness, solemnity.”

Christina Harrison

"Learning. Healing. Play. Movement. Exploration. Expression. Freedom. Transformation. Connection. Expansion. My Interfusion Festival summed up in 10 words.”

Danielle Elliott

"Do You know why Interfusion was so mind blowing and transformative for so many people? Because it brought the truth out; truth most of us can’t see in the banality of our day to day grind. The noise and static of the world we live in often impedes our ability to be receptive to all of the magic that surrounds and courses through us. Interfusion was the polar opposite of that. It was a unique space, like an alternate universe where the impediments of every day have little to no power.”

Josh Ginsberg

"Deeply appreciated the focus on consent and personal empowerment in so many of the classes and experiences."

Daniel Didok

"There aren't words for how amazing I'm feeling right now, but I'm on such a dance, connection and vulnerability high that I have barely been able to sleep for days... Sitting, touching, synching breath and making unbroken eye contact with someone for 45 min plus is insanely powerful and I'm still buzzing...THEN take hundreds of people like this, and put them on a dance floor - I wasn't dancing on earth, I was in a different universe.”

Ethan Brotzman

"I live to co-create. We can change the world together. So grateful to be cultivating such an incredible community with these talented people.”

Michael Shway

"And I only realized at the end of the festival, as we were all starting our journeys back home, sleep deprived but happy.... that when 100s of people are present and full of love and gratitude, the energy in the entire room changes. Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. Even my own physical pain from whiplash earlier last week subsided. It's like my body knew I had to let go to release the tension and let go.”

Stephanie Gorman

"What an amazing weekend! So grateful for the Interfusion Festival - Rebirth for providing a magical space to learn, connect, and explore. To old and new friends, thank you for bringing such incredible energy and creating beautiful moments with me.”

Hermela Alemayehu

"My body is tired but my chakras have been balanced and energized with dance and vulnerable conversations with these beautiful spirits.”

Caroline Lippie

"Heart opening. Gratitude rising. Breathing joy. Interfusion Festival was such an incredible experience. From the angels who helped co-create it, to the experiences had! Wow- I’m not sure what words to even use to properly describe my gratitude. So many openings!”

Alena Frejya

"This weekend I attended this festival with the hope to improve my connections within Zouk, but ended up leaving with so many wonderful lessons that apply to my personal, professional, and emotional life. Thank you to everyone I encountered (through dance, workshops, and chance) for your openness, kindness, and positive energy.”

Krystal Marie Heinen

"I don’t think I’m overstating it when I say this event is in a class by itself. I know it actually, because everyone who was there seems to feel the same thing. The ‘feel’ of it - we all seem to know what that means, and we revel in it."

Adrian Atoro Lopez

"So grateful for the privilege of attending, for all the incredible hearts I connected with, and all the incredible instructors that offered their diverse knowledge sets to all of us. Huge thank you to the Interfusion team that put together such a spectacular event filled with so much intention and heart, it was really really exceptional.”

Elizabeth Huebner

"My heart is full of gratitude that I got to spend such a lovely weekend with an awesome travel partner. The practice of allowing my heart & mind to receive love & the ability to return it through yoga, meditation and dance was magical.”

Victoria Ivette

"Went to Interfusion for zouk, acroyoga, meditation, and healing arts. Came back a HUGE fan of acroyoga, a continued love of zouk, and an increased sense of self-love and well-being.”

Jessa Humanski

"I feel so grateful for Interfusion and my experience there. I was so scared to come back because the first Interfusion was so magical, I didn’t want to mar the experience in any way if it didn’t measure up. This time was even more special. To everyone I met and connected with and to the teachers in and out of the sessions, I’ve learned so much from everyone one of you. Thank you to everyone! I can’t wait until next year!”

Hindel Moskovits

"What an incredibly amazing weekend!! Words don't do any justice to this feeling."

Joshua Hernandez 

"That festival was a magical wave of awesome"

Owen Wexler

"Did you ever think...maybe...the weekend was the real world and this is...just like....another cog in the machine man....”

Michael Garcia

"Pure poetry in motion"

Edie Weinstein

"Grateful. Weekend to remember forever."

Rohit Surya