Feeling such deep love, appreciation and gratitude for my precious Interfusion Family. What a gift to spend this weekend again with all of you, deepening our roots with one another and growing delicious new connections. What a magnificent gift it is to laugh and breathe and dance and fly and chant and meditate and cuddle and grow and learn and awaken together.  – Lael Rasch

My heart is radiating and opening. Interfusion Festival definitely left a mark on me… a pretty Beautiful one. Have I expressed that enough? Beyond grateful for all the love; new friendships, openness, thoroughness, connection, lessons, opportunities, majik, glow, and light. – Alena Frejya

This past weekend at Interfusion Festival has been a transformative experience. I got to explore forms of Acro yoga including Thai massage and Tantra, dabbled in contact improv, attempted ecstatic dance, meditated, experienced healing and lightness through energy work, and ended the nights with non-stop dancing. I’m so grateful for the connections I made and the ones I’ve deepened. Cheers to learning and letting go, shedding limitations, and embracing the unknown in the name of growth. –  Jenny Pham

I’m amazed and touched by the amount of love and support I’ve received from the Interfusion Festival family. You are beautiful. Thank you! ‘Til next time! – Daniel Hoang

I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around what happened this weekend, but Interfusion was a completely life-changing experience and I’m so thankful to have been able to be there. Thank you to each and everyone that was there and part of the movement, whether I met you or not. It’s going to take some time for me to process everything that I learned and realized and I can’t wait to continue the discussions and conversations with everyone I interacted with. – Taraneh Kossari

Sometimes I feel incredibly moved to write…this past weekend at Interfusion Festival was one of those times. Thank you to all the amazing people who shared this experience and the Selfless organizers who had the energy to share their vision with all of us. You truly created a space for us to Explore, Connect, and Play and I’ll never forget it! – Erica Reid-Dixon

Interfusion Festival provided a deeply meaningful, transformative, move into my own worth and power this weekend. Best 50th birthday EVER. Immersed in tantra workshops focused on self love, love of the other and release of wounds. To say it was powerful is an understatement. – Kristin Pedemonti

Zouking at interfusion was incredible, the energy was so playful, intense and you could feel the passion on that amazing floor. – Octavio Jan

I celebrated myself all weekend by doing something new and outside my comfort zone every single day. The results were indescribable. Yesterday and today, I celebrated myself by resting and being kind and gentle with myself. There is much to integrate from #InterfusionFestival, and I deserve and am worthy of the kindness and gentleness I would offer to anyone else in the same situation.  – Peltar Lunaverse

Being apart of history was such a beautiful experience. Eye loved every moment we shared in this epic event. – Alexa Grier

Had such wonderful time at the Interfusion Festival my spirit is lifted just by being around such amazing people and energies who love to spread love – Golnar Er

Interfusion festival was absolutely beautiful. So much positive energy and amazing dancers. – Adrian Lorenzo

It attracts and connects so many diverse, open-minded, welcoming people from artistic/movement disciplines that often seem radically different. It’s wonderful to find the common connections in our expressions. I really love watching everyone dive into an art form that is completely out of their norm- and usually love it!  – Jenna Wiesenhahn

thank you SO much for this incredible event – there truly aren’t words! What an impressive and inspiring event from top to bottom: from the range of classes and socials/parties, to fair workshop registration, to a functioning app, and true interest in feedback daily! My appreciation, of course, to all the artists/instructors, and everyone I interacted with in classes, on the floor, or just in passing.- Jonathan S. Marion