Antonietta Alfano

Antonietta Alfano


A nationally renowned Deaf aerial rope performer, Antonietta “Ballerina Goddess” Alfano (She/They) from Rochester, NY who founded Ballerina Goddess Entertainment as a soloist and adaptive dance teacher to provide unique art for audiences to enjoy worldwide. She has been a professional dancer for 20+ years with a concentration in Ballet, Interpretive dance and aerial arts. To add to her dance repertoire (15+ styles!), she also has a strong background in Latin dance and Kizomba. Living with profound Deafness since birth, she was also nonverbal (until three years old). With this, she has only known movement, hence her passion in dance. With dance, she is able to intensely feel the music and it becomes that she can almost BECOME it with visuals of others, vibrations, energy of the dance partner and connecting non-verbally. Being a Deaf dancer in the hearing dance community, she is always advocating for accessibility, equality, and cultural awareness in the circus, dance and kink communities.

She is also a Professional Dominatrix specializing in nonverbal communication and Shibari. She hosted an impromptu rope bite at the recent interfusion and was very well attended and received. She hopes to present a class with dance combined with rope someday. She is a contributing author of “Creating Captivating Classes” that is available on Amazon!

As a 2019 TEDx speaker, she brought to light the challenges of being Deaf following their passion in a world created for hearing people. She was able to highlight the potential that accessibility provides for not only our benefit but for everyone else too. As a Deaf motivational speaker and consultant, her superpower is improving awareness in Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace and schools with humor, intellect and out-of-the-box thinking.

As the Founder and owner of “Come Fly With Me Healing,” she provides an alternative approach for both Deaf/Hard of hearing and hearing individuals to find spiritual healing and mentorship. As a Reiki Master Practitioner, she offers a natural and holistic approach to alternative medicine. As a natural empath who believes in the power of healing through natural and healthy alternatives. “I have a mission to educate and empower clients about the natural healing powers they hold within them personally and professionally through energy, compassion and awareness.”