Devon Near-Hill

Devon Near-Hill


While earning my BFA at the University of Southern California for Acting, I became obsessed with social dance. 

I interned for the renowned zouk school Renata Peçanha USA and later toured with lambada master Gilson Damasco. 

Along the way I found there was a huge disconnect in the scene. Both with Brazilian zouk from its mother dance lambada, and within pedagogy regarding the way we address the lead/follow dynamic. 

Often, followers were getting advice in class that sounded like “just follow”. Leaders were taught to be strong and forceful. I saw how the one-size-fits-all approach to teaching was hurting student’s morale as well as their bodies! 

I began touring with Jerry Lai, teaching the curriculum Deconstructing Zouk which addressed the fine details in movement mechanics. During that time I developed my own curriculum, Efficient Follow, in hopes of bringing gender-neutral, quality follow instruction to workshops and regular classes. When covid hit, I launched my first online course which supported over 350 dancers around the world. 

I am grateful to every teacher on my path who has supported me to share with you!

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