DJ Power

DJ Power


DJ Power is the resident DJ for Zen Zouk and Zouk NY.

DJ Power has worked his magic at all of the main Brazilian Zouk congresses in North America as well as international congresses in Prague, Russia, Spain, Canada and Mexico.  He is a DJ for the people and tunes into the atmosphere of the venue and the dancers’ energy.  He understands that the connection, emotion, musicality and movement of the different styles of Zouk dance including Lambazouk, Rio Zouk, Neo Zouk, Soul Zouk, Kizomba etc…  DJ Power is able to seamlessly blend the different styles and cater to the entire audience without losing the energy of the room taking everyone on a musical journey through the different elements.

DJ Power is a continuous student of the dance and the music and just like both he is growing and spreading Zouk Love everywhere he goes.

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