Eleanor Bramwell

Eleanor Bramwell


Eleanor Bramwell is a radical visionary dedicated to serving folks waking up and thriving. As the founder of BodyWise Trauma Institute she worked alongside faculty members to develop professional continuing education trainings for nurses, social workers, massage therapists and yoga teachers. As a faculty member herself- she’s gifted at making complex concepts digestible.

In her private practice she works 1:1 with individuals on a journey of the soul. In this space her work is at truly at the intersection of inner and outer nature- as what happens within changes our outer expression of life. She blends Somatic Experiencing, IFS, ancestral lineage repair, and trauma renegotiation.

As the Co-Founder of Inner Path Wellness, she serves life by bridging science and spirit. Their psychedelic integration programs blend the latest advances in the fields of nuero plasticity, epigenetics, bio hacking and thriving WITH recovering the one in us that’s the most us, our most authentic selves, and deep personal development work.

A true modern day medicine woman and midwife of the soul.