Elyza Dolby

Elyza Dolby


Elyza Dolby is a 500-RYT yoga instructor, space holder, movement facilitator, and mama to a bright little sun, currently living + loving in the mountains of Northwest New Jersey.

During the pandemic, she went from teaching yoga full-time to realizing and cultivating a vision for birthing an intimate retreat space where her clients and loved ones could go to heal and connect. Often known as a “G.S.D. Moon Goddess” in her circles due to her passionate (Get Shit Done) approach to life, that vision is now a reality, and today, she teaches and holds space, owns, and curates the collaborative space known as “The Harmony Mountain House” with her business partner Sarah and their soul family, proving daily that work + play can absolutely co-exist. Their tenants are community, reciprocity, and transformation – and Elyza shares the goal of living in alignment with these guiding principles everyday.

Her journey with yoga first began in the late 90’s at a YMCA on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where she decided she was NOT a fan. She eventually returned “home” to her mat after a traumatic experience and years of self-destruction to find her unique healing path which included yoga, cacao, breathwork, meditation, and other earth medicines.

She has since been on this wild, ever-shifting roller-coaster of a transformational journey that has involved lots of trial and error, and most recently, learning to trust FULLY in the divine while moving to “the middle of nowhere” to start a heart-centered business while pregnant as a solo mama. Her goal is to share her personal story and her love of healing, in all of its forms, so that others might find their own way – and to have a little fun, too.

Join in on the magic at www.theharmonymountainhouse.com, www.yogawithelyza.com, or find her on IG at @elyzainharmony + @theharmonymountainhouse.

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