Eric Sipes

Eric Sipes


Eric Sipes found a love of movement arts when he began teaching himself to breakdance via videos from a file sharing program back in early 2000. Hardly able to contain his excitement and passion for movement, he began sharing his practice with any and everyone.

After moving to Baltimore in 2011 he was introduced to AcroYoga and it changed his life completely. Eric has trained with professionals from all over the world, and has spent literally thousands of hours practicing his craft. Eric believes that in order to be a great teacher you must also be an amazing student, he obtained a 200hr yoga certification from Baltimore Yoga Village before receiving his AcroYoga International certification, AcroRevolution certification, Lux Teacher training Certification, Thai Massage Certification, and more!

You can catch him performing partner acrobatics at various venues with his partner Kelly Marburger, and also as a member of the acrobatic troupe “ClubSandwich”. His progression based method of teaching along with an embodied practice, a clear voice, and a passion for supporting others will help take you to the next level in your practice!

Find him on Instagram @sipes and Facebook Eric N. Sipes