Irene Sposetti

Irene Sposetti


Irene Sposetti is a versatile performing artist, teacher, and dancemaker. Although originally from Italy, Irene has spent more than two decades living and traveling as an independent freelancer across Europe, Asia, and North America. As a result, her artistic path has been shaped by diverse cultural influences and deeply rooted in self-inquiry investigations and practices. Irene offers international dance training and produces performances at universities, companies, festivals, cultural institutes, and independent platforms. Her work has reached audiences across the globe and reflects her unique and diverse experiences as an artist.

Through her dance, she aims to facilitate a heightened state of presence, enabling more conscious, functional, and effortless movement, broadening the technical, creative, and compositional skills of the movers. She has a particular interest in researching and refining the embodiment of movement biomechanics through the understanding of principles and explorative learning processes. She is interested in the “synergy of togetherness”, the relational, communicative and creative aspects of contact improvisation, partnering and group dancing.

Furthermore, Irene is deeply passionate in investigating the somatic, psychological, and relational transformative effects of dance. She explores how the practice can increase self-awareness, break down conditioning, instill a sense of empowerment, and promote overall well-being. With her extensive teaching experience, she has experienced firsthand how it can help individuals connect positively and meaningfully with themselves, others, and the world around them.

In 2011 she created BeingMotion, a platform for collaborating and sharing her artistic practice, for promoting independent educational and artistic projects. Find more about Irene:
Ig: beingmotion.irenesposetti
Wechat: IreneSposetti