Jerry Lai | DJ Anvi

Jerry Lai | DJ Anvi


Originally trained as an architect, Jerry is now a traveling instructor and renowned DJ of Brazilian Zouk. With his kinesthetic and biomechanical approach to teaching, he has developed a unique synthesis of many movement modalities.

Jerry’s teaching emphasizes comfort, empathy, and co-creation, without sacrificing technique. He believes that these soft skills can be taught with the same specificity and precision as technical skills. He has taught and exchanged with a diverse range of movers, including professional contemporary dancers, hip-hop stars, and even two Dancing with the Stars finalists. But he’s just as passionate about enabling casual lovers of Brazilian Zouk to find enjoyment and expression in their bodies.

He has collaborated with Devon Near-Hill since 2021 and they supported each other in the production of Deconstructing Zouk and Efficient Follow Online during the pandemic.
He’s a supporter of all genres of Brazilian Zouk and seeks to paint the differences between them as stylistic “gradients.” His first project, “Deconstructing Zouk,” has allowed him to tour around the world and garner a following that extends far beyond Portland, OR, where he is based. After selling out the premiere of his second major project, “The Gradients,” Jerry is now taking the project on the road, with stops in California, Texas, and Michigan.

DJ Anvi
Anvi (Jerry Lai) is a purveyor of atmospheric, narrative sets that blurs the line between the traditional with the unorthodox. While highly experimental in both his dancing and DJing, he aims to retain the pulse and sensibility of Brazilian Zouk. Continuing to evolve and grow as a DJ throughout the pandemic through weekly online sets, Anvi shines in his ability to improvise deeply emotional sets, morphing and journeying through contrasting genres and moods. He has played at some of the most influential festivals in the world. You can find a collection of his sets on

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