Terry Baranski

Terry Baranski


I’m a trauma-informed mental health practitioner who focuses on root causes rather than symptoms. I go underneath behaviors, thought patterns, and diagnoses to address what is actually causing a client’s problems. I use a compassionate, non-judgmental, and non-pathologizing approach that is well-suited to effect real change – whether one’s challenges manifest in relationships, with parenting, or at work. My goal is to enable a level of deep healing that allows each of us to recover our true self, which is always present even when hidden by maladaptive tendencies.

The two primary therapeutic modalities that I use are Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Compassionate Inquiry (CI), both of which are wonderful approaches to tease apart true causes from surface-level symptoms. It is my belief that the unconscious is typically running the show to a far greater extent than we realize, and it is from this perspective that true healing can occur. As Carl Jung wrote, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” The essence of this work is to shed light on how our unconscious beliefs dictate our conscious behaviors, and to establish compassionate relationships with those beliefs to effect healing.

I’m also the father of a wonderful 5 year-old girl who’s into dinosaurs, playgrounds, and Peppa Pig. I love walking and climbing, and I’m a pretty serious dark chocolate truffle snob to boot.

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