Authentic relating is a communication practice designed to bring us into deeper connection with ourselves and others. It is a way of living that reframes everyday interactions as opportunities to get curious—to break out of habitual patterns and explore new ways of relating to self, partners and strangers alike. Through exercises and games, authentic relating teaches an integrated set of skills that build empathy, intimacy, transparency, and connection.

Authentic relating doesn’t mean sharing everything; rather, it is an invitation to share intentionally—to notice what is just under the surface of our interactions and illuminate the hidden or unconscious.

Research shows that adult play improves brain functionality and emotional wellbeing. Structured authentic relating “games” promote playful connections that stimulate creativity and enhance wellbeing.

Authentic relating views conflict as a doorway to greater connection and clarity, and offers an easy-to-use roadmap for navigating tension with dignity and humility.

The tools and practices of authentic relating offer opportunities to drop deeper into the body, become more present and express ourselves more authentically without fear of judgment.

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