Bachata, is both a genre of dance and a type of music that originated in the Dominican Republic in the 1960s. Combining a multitude of styles, bachata is one of the most popular Latin dances. Characterized by romantic, playful melodies, Bachata is a highly musical dance that provides plentiful room for personal interpretation and improvisation within a few simple rules of the form. The Styles of Bachata dance are often broadly divided into traditional bachata and sensual bachata. Bachata is danced in the social, performance and competitive settings.

Traditional bachata tends to be danced to faster music, and incorporate elaborate footwork, simple turns and rhythmic freestyling with alternation between closed and open positions.

Sensual bachata is typically danced with a closer connection and incorporates many circular and wavy movements with stronger beats articulated through body isolations and dips.

Bachata is a highly versatile dance that can easily incorporate moves and turn patterns from other dances to be performed within the Bachata timing.

Due to this versatility, a multitude of Bachata fusion styles have evolved with Bachatango, Zoukchata and Ballroom Bachata being just a few examples.