Brazilian Zouk dance has evolved from the merging of the Brazilian dance Lambada and Caribbean Zouk music. It is characterized by flowy elastic movements and its signature hair whips.
Brazilian Zouk is an ever-evolving dance that has branched into several distinctive styles drawing influences from hip-hop, contemporary and other dance genres. Depending on the style, Brazilian Zouk, can be danced in a close connection embrace with sensual wavy movements or in an open embrace with long graceful steps, wild spins and whip-like head movements.

Deep energetic connection between partners is the central component of this dance.

While it’s often called sensual, it is not sexual or erotic and can be danced with anyone.

When dancing socially, it is common for leader and follower to switch in the same dance so you can expect to meet more female leads and male follows than in almost any other social dance.

Brazilian Zouk is one of the fastest growing social dance genres globally with many major cities now having vibrant and diverse Brazilian Zouk communities.