Conscious Conversations is a series of participatory group discussions to explore important topics to the community including relationships, resilience, identity, spirituality, grief and healing.

"We will practice self-expression and holding space for others, to both listen and be heard. This social practice builds from individual reflection to community connection, inspiring experiences of acceptance, awareness, and transformation."

-Lindsay Bigda, Program Director

Our Program

Conscious Conversations topic selection and workshop design are iterative processes driven by a core committee of artists and involving the wider Interfusion community. With facilitation from a moderator and selected artists, participants will create a supportive space for intimate discussions grounded in appreciation of and curiosity about our shared human experiences.

On Chemistry & Connection

The world fades and there is just you and the other person.

The thrill of the spark. The world fades and there is just you and the other person. But then the moment ends, and back in reality, we are left wondering what just happened. Was that a real connection, or just a fleeting chemical romance? In artistic practices where accelerated intimacy and heavy oxytocin doses are the norm, deciphering true intention and potential for authentic or lasting connection becomes particularly challenging. In this participatory group discussion, we delve into our experiences with romance and relationships within our practices, and how we can healthfully approach and navigate feelings and conversations with others both in and beyond our scenes.

On Loss & Healing

To live is to experience adversity.

While loss and trauma remain taboo topics, discussing them openly and intentionally can create a platform from which we can cultivate deeper wisdom, and ultimately live fuller and more connected lives. This participatory group discussion is an invitation to contemplate the vast spectrum of loss—from the death of a loved one to the loss of a dream, and much more in between—as well as our experiences with grief and recovery, resilience, and companionship in these universal processes.

On Evolution & Transformation

To evolve is to explore and expand.

To thrive is to embrace both courage and vulnerability. Yet too often, we are prevented from stepping into our authentic selves by shame, fear, or self-doubt. This participatory group conversation is a meditation both on releasing what holds us back and defining the person we want to become. It is also a space to dream up something new—imagining new social paradigms, creating space for new habits to bolster growth, and reflecting on who we are when we step into our fullest selves.

Guiding Virtues

To provide a shared foundation for us to enter conscious conversations together, the following guidelines will serve as our community agreements—providing an offering for all who enter these spaces to uphold and model.

Program Director

Lindsay Jean Bigda 1

Lindsay Bigda is a social communicator who has spent the last 7+ years working in the nonprofit space, with a focus on documenting stories related to gender and environmental justice, indigenous rights, migration, and human rights. Her movement background centers around dance and gymnastics, and she has participated in movement-based healing ceremonies with communities in the US and Latin America. Lindsay holds an M.Ed. in Community Education Leadership, and is passionate about fostering connective spaces for learning and the authentic expression of both our strengths and our vulnerabilities. Most recently, she co-created alongside Jonelle Lesniak the Movement for Healing (MFH) Project—a community space based in Washington, DC dedicated to exploring the roles of movement and connection in life after loss.