Contact Improvisation (CI) is physical collaborative play. In contrast to other partner dances, CI is organized around mutual following of points of contact, instead of being based on formal patterns. In CI, partners mutually follow shifting points of contact, discovering ways to coordinate with each other and themselves through these points. The movement possibilities are vast, yet recognizable movement tendencies emerge. Learning to find what works by mutually following the emerging dance, rather than by trying to control it, is the essence of the practice.

Contact improvisation is a type of improvised dancing that practices partnered movement without combinations, planning or rehearsing. 

This dance practice involves body exploration with partners through weight sharing, touch, kinetic awareness and points of contact between fellow dancers.

When you discover new movements and ways of relating spontaneously you will be unleashing your creative sides and unlocking the doors of your creative self. 

Contact Improvisation is a playful space that allows one to be a kid again, escape from chaotic routines, de-stress and return to a more relaxed and open state of presence. 

This is a staging environment