Intimacy can take shape in many forms. Intimacy is often thought of as arising in the context of a romantic or sexual relationship. While the realm of intimate connections certainly contains sexual intimacy, it extends far beyond it. Moments of deep intimacy can happen between parents and children, friends, and even complete strangers. The need for intimacy is wired into us on a deep biological level as a means of survival in communal societies in which humans lived for much of our evolutionary history, a need that is too often denied in the present-day world overrun with individualism and isolation.

There is no greater desire within us than that of being deeply seen, known and accepted. Understanding the principles of intimacy and authentic relating improves our ability to form meaningful and nourishing relationships, not only with our romantic partners but also with friends, families, and all others.

Learning to expose and stand strong in our vulnerability is the foundation of intimacy. It takes courage and, often, guidance of skilled facilitators to help us uncover and clear suppressed fears, past traumas, and feelings of guilt and shame that are common culprits holding us back from fully connecting.  

Intimacy practices offered at Interfusion Festival, will guide you through an explorative journey towards greater self-understanding and awareness of how you relate with others as well as provide practical skills for building intimacy and closeness in your relationships. 

While sexuality and desire are among the topics explored in Intimacy workshops at Interfusion, the atmosphere and context of these workshops are, for the most part, non-sexual. Thus, these workshops are equally suitable for romantic partners as they are for everyone else. 

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