Kizomba is a genre of dance and music that originated in Angola and integrated influences from a variety of African and Caribbean musical and dance forms. Sometimes affectionately called “the hug dance”, Kizomba is characterized by slow, romantic, and sensuous rhythm, close connection, and calm and suave movements. At the heart of the dance is deep one-to-one partner connection. Its objective is not to create extravagant forms but to share the joy of connected movement and complete immersion into the music.

Danced predominantly in a close embrace, Kizomba requires deep sensitivity and full body presence to create and maintain partner connection.

Because the close embrace bars visual feedback, following in Kizomba is entirely sensual. In fact, followers often dance with their eyes closed to heighten tactile sensitivity.

Kizomba is a profoundly intimate and connected experience. At the deepest levels of partner connection, it can feel as nothing short of a shared meditative trance.

While often eroticized due to its sensual nature, in its origin, Kizomba is not a sexual dance. Traditionally, it can be danced with friends and family members.