One of the translations of the word “Yoga” from Sanskrit is “to unite” or “to join”; Partner Yoga does just that, joins two beings into an energetic union. In this practice, traditional yoga poses are modified to be performed with or assisted by a partner. Because of the added resistance and the need to constantly stabilize each other’s weight, partner yoga can be even more effective in developing flexibility, training balance and developing core control than traditional yoga.

In addition to many of the same benefits as traditional yoga, Partner Yoga is a great practice for building intimacy and communication skills. Throughout workshops, partners are regularly reminded to communicate verbally as well as to pay attention to non-verbal signals from each other.

Partner Yoga is a wonderful practice to share with just about anyone: a friend, a family member, or your significant other. It is also a great way to connect with new people. You do not need to come with a partner to participate, partnerships are made on the spot and may be rotated a few times during the workshop.

The main distinction of Partner Yoga from Acro Yoga is its focus on grounded and supported deep stretching, while Acro Yoga focuses more on strength and acrobatics.

Because of its focus on finding shared balance and developing sensitivity, Partner Yoga is especially recommended for dance partners wishing to build deeper trust and connection.

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