Ross Lewin

Ross Lewin

Media Team Director

Ross Lewin brings 10 years of photography, videography, dance, and entrepreneurial experience to his role as Media Director at interfusion. In his 5th interfusion festival as a photographer, Ross values images that bring the authentic joy and color of interfusion to life. As the owner of Lewin Creative Group, Photographer Matchmaker, and youth meditation company Zen Warriors, Ross uses media and technology to bring innovation to real-world problems.

“Interfusion has been a proving ground for my inner magic. Such a unique place…I can be in my element with my camera, capturing love, growth, and community while simultaneously doing the work; diving deep into my own programming, my own limiting beliefs.  Without fail I come out the other side stronger, transformed and guided by pure love.”

As Media Team Director of Interfusion Festival, Ross is responsible for the selection and management of photography staff, establishing team standards, objectives and milestones, and ensuring the highest quality end products for our project and community.

Learn more about Ross and the Lewin Creative Group here.