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Consciousness Comms Director

Sea Rios (Pron. "s-EE r-EE-oh-s") is a Queer, Latinx Artist, Consent + Nonviolent Communication Educator, Cuddlist, ZEGG Forum Facilitator (leader in communal emotional processing), Certified Yoga Teacher, Empowerment Coach, and Nerd in all things psych, trauma, relationship, sensual, ritual, and spiritual. Sea (They/Them) loves deconstructing cultural norms and systems of oppression through co-creating a culture of radical choice, radical authenticity, conscious communication, and conscious connection. 

A talented musician and improvisationalist in their own right, Sea also performs their original music and leads Finding Your Voice playshops throughout the DMV. Their playshops draw from authentic relating games, meditation, music therapy, dance therapy, laughter yoga, and somatics to help folx slip into a creative trance: that yummy place where the subconscious and conscious harmonize, expanding what we knew we were capable of; that place that melts away notions of separation; where the critical mind takes a backseat; where our inner children play; and where profound joy, catharsis, and aliveness thrive.