Expressive Arts Program Director Position Announcement


Open Position Announcement
Expressive Arts Program Director

Interfusion Festival is seeking candidates from the community to be considered for the position of Expressive Arts Program Director. The Program will seek to expand expressive art modalities at the festival that allow one to put the body in motion in order to still the mind - including free-form improvisational movement practices.

Term of Appointment

The position is held for 24 months, or 2 full festival cycles, and renewed based on performance and approval by the Interfusion Board of Directors.

Qualifications & Responsibilities

Top candidates will have demonstrated leadership abilities and experience, knowledge of the field of Kinesiology or movement-based expressive arts, and a commitment to service and community. Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Ensuring the development and implementation of the respective area of programing
• Providing leadership to program guides during the planning and execution of the festival
• Upholding the cultural and academic integrity of practices involved in the program
• Ensuring the quality and safety of the respective program

How to Apply for Consideration

To apply for consideration for appointment as Expressive Arts Director, kindly send your Resume/CV and a letter of interest to Interfusion Festival via email at with the title of “Expressive Arts Program Director Application (Your Name)” by Saturday, February 5th.


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