Full Moon Reflections -July 2023

On the eve of Independence Day, the night sky holds a special surprise to behold – and I don’t mean fireworks. The July full moon, also known as the Buck Moon, is described as a supermoon given its more prominent appearance in the sky. However you decide to spend July 4th, here are some wellness rituals for reflection and rejuvenation.

Connect with Nature

Call in that Capricorn full moon sky and get grounded. Whether it be the forest, beach, or your backyard, kick off your shoes and enjoy the feeling of the earth underneath your feet. There are notable benefits to walking barefoot, one of which is encouraging us to slow down. Turn your barefoot walk into a mindfulness meditation as you take in the beauty of nature through each of your senses.

Connect with Community

Native Americans identified the Buck Moon as the time when bucks, or male deer, start growing their antlers. This growth symbolizes strength, endurance, and renewal. Just like a new set of antlers, use this time to branch out to new people and experiences. Invite a new friend to coffee; plan that trip you’ve been dreaming of; apply for that job you want. You may find that you’re capable of more than you think.

Connect with Self

Be like the buck and shed your antlers, making space for something new. Find joy in letting go of items you no longer need or use. Ask yourself why you are holding on and what might be blocking you from welcoming in. Clearing our physical space allows us to clear our energetic body which helps us attract what we truly desire.

With love,

Mikela Moore
Festival-Wide Project Manager
Expressive Arts Director
Interfusion Festival

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