On Gender & Racial Equity

At Interfusion Festival we are on a journey of growth and learning—as a team and as a community. We are leaning in to better educate ourselves in the work toward gender inclusion and racial equity. As such we are putting out a call to invite experienced educators in the fields of Gender and Racial Equity to help provide a training for our internal team, and workshop offerings for the community at the next festival.

Areas of education we hope for in the training/workshop:

Gender Inclusion:

  • What is gender?
  • What are the different types of gender and gender expressions?
  • How do we become more gender inclusive? (as individuals, as a team, as a community?)

Racial Equity:

  • What is Racial Equity?
  • What is allyship?
  • How can we practice better racial equity? (as individuals, as a team, as a community?)

To apply, please send a message of interest to the Board of Directors at bod@interfusionfestival.com with the title of “Gender and Racial Equity Application”, along with references to training and experience in the fields by July 23, 2021.

With love and respect.

Interfusion Team