Pay Equality Initiative Update -Pay Standardization & Raise Completed

As of December 19, 2022, the Interfusion Team has successfully completed our 3.B Project Priority Goal to standardize, raise and deliver full payments to artist professionals teaching at Interfusion VIII. This project priority goal included:

1) Standardization of compensation levels across all disciplines, genders, races, ages, and other demographics for artists teaching at Interfusion Festival;

2) Increasing overall compensation for artist teaching including raising pay levels for artist professionals that may have been underrepresented; and

3) Delivery of full payments to all artist teaching at Interfusion Festival VIII before December 25th, or no later than 2 weeks before the festival occurs on January 12-16, 2023 (MLK Jr. Weekend).


See the delivered pay levels that standardized and increased overall compensation for artists teaching at Interfusion Festival within our program capacity.

Artist Facilitation Pay Scale (Teaching Artists)

$250 Per Workshop – Single Facilitator (Base)
$300 Per Workshop – Single Facilitator (Senior)
$400 Per Workshop – Due Facilitators (Base)
$500 Per Workshop – Due Facilitators (Senior)


The total Interfusion 2023 Baseline Artist Budget is $108,154, for an increase of 74 percent from Interfusion 2022. This increase reflects a standardization of pay as well as additional support.

$84,679 | GUIDES (+72%)
$23,475 | DJ ARTISTS (+163%)
$108,154 | TOTAL (+86%)

$49,175 | GUIDES
$8,930 | DJ ARTISTS
$58,105 | TOTAL

The Pay Equality Initiative aligns with the Interfusion Festival 3rd Core Value of Transparency, 1st Core Principle of Community, and 5th Project Priority of Equity in which we aim to: “Develop and be an industry model for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) within our capacity where all persons are treated with dignity and respect“.

V/ respectfully,

Interfusion Team 
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