Full Moon Reflections -June 2023

The full moon of June is aptly named the Strawberry Moon signifying the peak harvesting season for the first fruits of summer. Strawberries have become a symbol of prosperity, happiness, and love. Take delight in the sweetness of summer as the longer days and rising temperatures ahead encourage us to relish in all of nature’s abundance. As your visions spring to life, we invite you to connect with nature, community, and self with these simple self-care practices under the full moon.

Connect with Nature

What better way to connect with the strawberry moon than by picking strawberries? Turn your harvest into a mindfulness ritual by inviting gratitude and intention setting into the practice. Close your eyes as you hold each strawberry in your hand and concentrate on how it feels. Savor the smell and taste of each strawberry and share your appreciation for the nourishment it provides. Preparing and enjoying our food with love in itself is an act of gratitude.

Connect with Community

The Strawberry Full Moon energy encourages collaboration, communication, and connection. Go on a walk with a friend or loved one under the full moonlight. Close your eyes together and visualize your dreams and goals for the season ahead. You may find that sharing your visions with another person brings them to life.

Connect with Self

The strawberry harvest reminds us to take pause to enjoy the fruits of our labor. It’s time to reap the benefits of your hard work! Take a luxurious bath complete with candles, your favorite tunes, and of course, a bowl of strawberries. Journaling can also encourage us to take time to pause and reflect on the season that was and all that’s ahead. Whatever the ritual, choose a self-care practice that fills you up with nourishment.

With love,

Mikela Moore
Festival-Wide Project Manager
Expressive Arts Director
Interfusion Festival

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